What White Labeled Staffing Apps Can Do For Your Agency

white labeled staffing apps

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White labeled staffing apps have become a hot topic in the industry in recent years. More and more companies are taking advantage of white-labeling to make their software and services more authentic. However, this term is still misunderstood by many.


White labeling is the process of customizing, labeling and localizing software or apps for the specific third party company using it. That means that the logo and colours will be applied to the tool so that it integrates perfectly with the rest of the branding and marketing of the company. In addition, the tool can be customized with specific features and tools that the company needs most.


A white labeled staffing app makes the software feel much more organic and native to the company. It makes the app look and feel like it was developed by and for your firm.

Secondly, it improves the visibility and branding of your firm. Every time a client or candidate opens or displays your app, your brand will immediately appear. Over time, that becomes hard to forget.

White labeling also saves a tremendous amount of time and money. Good software firms will never charge the same amount to license the product as to develop it. That means you can choose the best of what is on the market without spending months, or potentially years, building it on your own. The product will be well refined and suitable for your needs.


Recruiters and managers in the staffing space focus on people to people interactions. They work on building up clients and finding the right staff for each position. For that reason, it makes more sense for them to outsource building apps and software rather than build it internally. Staffing companies should seek out software providers that allow them to white-label their apps to meet their own branding and messaging needs.

App Explosion

The world of apps in the staffing sector is truly exploding. Firms without these tools risk losing out to the competition. Fortunately, a white-label tool can quickly and painlessly produce a native app that meets your needs.

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