Tips for Managing Your Mobile App’s Online Reviews

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When customers love something, you hope they’ll let you know. But more often than not, they’ll be more vocal about their displeasure. However, when it comes to launching a mobile app, you now have a new outlet to monitor when it comes to reviews and customer feedback.

First thing’s first: understand that monitoring these reviews is something you should absolutely do in order to improve your people’s experience with your mobile app. In order to avoid any negative reviews during your initial launch, one thing is for certain: you need to set up clear expectations for what your app actually does.

Take Advantage of App Store Information

When you host an application on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, you have the ability to input information about the app itself. This can be in the form of some simple data or even a synopsis of the purpose of your application. This helps you to avoid those reviews that contain customer complaints about their expectations of the app being different from what the app actually offers them.

Are there geographic limitations to your app? Let potential users know. Are there specific requirements to make the app useful? Let people know. Set up expectations right at the beginning to avoid unnecessary frustration.

Include Screenshots and Photographs

Including a visual aide is extremely important. According to Inc., communication in 2018 will be about 84 percent visual. On the Google Play Store, app developers can include screenshots and marketing images that explain the purpose of the app they’re publishing, as well as offer a visual representation of the app itself.

Encourage and Incentivize Reviews

As soon as you have people using your app, encourage them to review it. This will not only help its rating in the App Store, but it will help contextualize usage for other people. The more specific the reviews, the better. Think about ways you can incentivize people to leave a review, like giveaways.

Keep an Eye Out for Negative Responses

Expectation management isn’t a concept that you can drop the ball on once the app has been out for a while. Once you do launch your app, know that potential downloaders will read those previously posted reviews. Regularly check on reviews that express complaints or that report bugs. You may even have the opportunity to respond to these complaints in order to express that the voice of the complaint is being heard.

In the end, it all comes down to managing expectations, paying attention to how people are using the app, and responding to users accordingly.

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