TimeSaved to Attend First Ever StaffingTec Conference

There’s a new conference in town (well, in Seattle actually) and we couldn’t be more excited.

The inaugural StaffingTec conference will be taking place May 16 and 17 at Seattle’s Bell Harbor International Conference Center, and our Founder & CEO Rohan will be there to share some insights on mobile candidate engagement.

What’s StaffingTec?

StaffingTec is the first conference of its kind, designed specifically to help staffing agencies find the right tech solutions aimed at driving their growth and profitability. It brings together industry leaders to discuss the latest in staffing innovation.

There will be 100 staffing tech products, 60 presenters, 35 roundtable discussions, seven networking events, and two keynote speakers, all focused on connecting staffing companies with best-in-class tech solutions that fit their needs and budget.

What will TimeSaved be covering?

Rohan will be participating in a roundtable discussion on “How to leverage mobile candidate engagement for competitive advantage”. His spotlight presentation, “5 Benefits of Mobile Candidate Engagement”, will focus on the tangible results of TimeSaved customers who have adopted a mobile solution to stay ahead.

It’s an honour to be chosen to participate in StaffingTec, and we’re excited about what this conference is sure to accomplish. We look forward to all the conversations and relationships it is bound to cultivate in the staffing industry.

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