TimeSaved and Bullhorn Partner to Help Agencies Create the Best Worker Experience

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TimeSaved and Bullhorn Partnership

TimeSaved is happy to announce a partnership with Bullhorn that will help agencies revolutionize their worker experience through a mobile-first strategy. 

Agencies can pair their robust, custom ATS workflows with a white-labeled mobile app to streamline their onboarding, accelerate job fulfillment, dramatically increase their redeployment and maximize their recruiters’ time. 

A comprehensive, real-time, two-way integration means that you can capture up-to-date worker information instantly, and send targeted job requests from Bullhorn right to the palm of your workers’ hands. 

Benefits to Your Agency

Fill jobs faster: Send all relevant job details to targeted groups of workers based on skills, location, availability and more. 

Attract more candidates: Our mobile job board means that even when you aren’t directly engaging with candidates, they can still find reasons to work with you. 

Increase response rates with direct chat: TimeSaved’s proven direct chat allows workers to reach out to recruiters directly through the app, dramatically increasing message response rate.

Make your recruiters more efficient: Things that previously took your recruiters hours will now take minutes, so they are freed up to work on relationship and revenue building activities. 

Stay competitive: Agencies are facing more threats than ever before. Get there before your competitors by implementing an on-demand solution. 

See the Integration in Action

TimeSaved’s integration with Bullhorn is live and rolled out with active customers. In the video linked below you can see firsthand how information flows between systems in real-time. If you would like a more in-depth walk-through, ask us for a demonstration.

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Get started now

Getting started with TimeSaved is easy. Our mobile apps can be deployed within weeks so you can start seeing results right away.