Disrupt Yourself Before Someone Else Does: The Power of Platform Technology

The Power of Platform Technology

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At this year’s Executive Forum, TimeSaved presented our first ever Ideas in Action session called “Disrupt Yourself Before Someone Else Does: The Power of Platform Technology”. The room was packed and it proved what we’ve known for a while now. Staffing platforms are here to stay. 


“Platform technology is the next wave of technology disruption”

As Barry Asin himself noted in his opening keynote, “platform technology is the next wave of technology disruption”. He spoke about talent platforms like Wonolo and Fiver and the impact they’ve had across the industry. At TimeSaved, we’re no stranger to those trends, and we often speak about players like Indeed Flex entering staffing and what that means for agencies.

We covered this topic in our panel at Staffing World last year entitled “The Convergence of Staffing and Technology: How Staffing Platforms are Changing the Staffing Landscape.” On one side you’ve got traditional agencies looking to become more tech enabled, on the other side you’ve got technology platforms moving into the staffing space, and in the middle you’ve got staffing platforms like Aya Connect. And TimeSaved (see image below from the opening keynote).

“The writing was on the wall. We should disrupt this industry”

In her Executive Perspectives session, April Hansen of Aya Healthcare talked about their explosive growth thanks to their staffing platform, MyAya. She talked about why healthcare staffing was particularly ripe for disruption, and why platform technology took such a hold in this particular staffing vertical. It was because previously clients and candidates had zero control and visibility into the job matching process. And technology had the power to change that and create a better experience.  

“Our world had seen so much change but yet this industry had not changed. We now had Netflix and Uber and
Match.com…everything was visible, it was transparent….but getting a travel nurse job was so hard. I knew there had to be a better way.” – April Hansen

In 2019, Aya launched their staffing platform to their nurses so they could set their own preferences, see all available jobs and get matched smartly. This helped their team mobilize nurses so much more effectively and prepare to meet the unprecedented scale of mobilization required during the pandemic. 

Now they are seeing over a million job views and over 117 thousand self submittals every week, and their recruiters are managing 5x the number of clinicians than SIA benchmarks with even better service. 

April Hansen talks about MyAya platform technology

“We’re just at the cusp of massive, massive adoption”

At every staffing conference the conversation around staffing platforms shifts slightly, from what is this to why should I do it to how do I do it. As noted by Maurice Fuller during our Ideas in Action session “we’re just at the cusp of massive, massive adoption”. This is because we’re at a point with this technology where you can calculate your expected ROI (like a 30% revenue increase). We’re still at the beginning stages of adoption, but with results like this starting to prove out across the industry, we won’t be for long.

There are many reasons why staffing platforms have taken off like they have. One being how critical they are to improving the candidate experience, and meeting them where they are in such a candidate-driven market. Kyle Morey-Leber, COO at TimeSaved client Lead Healthstaff, put it to the room to “think about how you consume”. Everyone is a consumer. We want to be able to pull our phone out of our pockets and make educated choices about acquiring things that we want. Jobs are no different.

Plus the transparency these platforms provide – the key missing ingredient to travel nursing that helped Aya capture such notable market share – helps to build trust and makes the process faster by eliminating back and forth between candidates and their recruiter. Transparency around pay packages in particular has been a contentious issue in travel nursing but has proved to be a huge point of friction that can be removed from the process and save everyone time. 

Ideas in Action Session on platform technology

While speed and transparency is key to attracting candidates with your technology, it can also become a critical tool to building client relationships. In this session, John Schuller of Headway Workforce Solutions talked about how their app is a powerful tool in  building those client relationships. 

“I can sit there in a sales meeting and say ‘hey look, you have a conference in Austin. Let me show you how quickly I can fulfill those needs that you have.’ I can put an order into the app and in real time our candidate pool is filling those positions. You can now sell real-time data.

While the appeal of these platforms to candidates and clients might be clear, it’s critical to think about what this means for your recruiters, too. And fear of what adopting these platforms will do to recruiting roles has been a major source of adoption hesitancy. But ultimately, these platforms provide opportunity for recruiters to focus on what they love to do. As with other industries who have seen massive uptake in automation and technology tools (think marketing, accounting, etc) what it really does is relieve low value tasks and make way for specialization that helps everyone love their job more. 

For more information on staffing platforms – what they are, how they can help you reach your goals – you can download our Guide to Staffing Platforms or chat with one of our team members.

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