Key Performance Indicators that Temporary Staffing Agencies Should be Leveraging

kpis for staffing agencies

Businesses look for ways to measure performance and accountability with their staffing agency partners. Key Performance Indicators help these businesses manage contingency labour costs and efficiencies. It’s essential for an agency to not only understand why businesses rely on KPIs but also know how to manage their own.

Recruiting Automation Tools to Save You Time

We’ve been told over and over that hard work is the only way to see success. In the world of temporary recruitment, which is very much a numbers game and a bit of luck, you cannot set yourself up for success unless you hit a certain number for a combination of activities like calls, submissions, […]

5 Ways Recruiters Can Save Time While Building Candidate Trust

According to a survey conducted by Standout CV, 67% of job seekers noted that dealing with recruiters was one of the toughest parts about finding a job. Candidates believed that they had only a 50 per cent chance of hearing back from a recruiter and noted timely communication and lack of feedback as being major deterrents […]