How Texting Can Boost Your Bottom Line

the benefits of texting solutions for staffing agencies

It’s no secret that millenials, in particular, love texting. They view it as a less disruptive, more convenient form of communication. That’s part of why texting solutions for staffing agencies are important.

Tips for Increasing Your Candidate Engagement

feedback a critical part of candidate engagement

With unemployment at a record low and an incredibly tight labour market, candidate engagement is everything. You want to capture the attention of talent, and retain that talent for future jobs. So what can staffing agencies do to a) stand out from competition and b) keep workers in engaged once they have their attention?

3 Tips for Improving Employee Retention with Your Temporary Workforce

hoe to increase employee retention

It can be frustrating to fill a job order for a great client, only to get the call that one or more of your qualified candidates left or did not return to work. In the people business, it can be hard to prepare for every pitfall. There will always be an unforeseen reason or circumstance […]

AI and the Stages of Recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) is providing new opportunities for recruiters to free up time and hire more efficiently. By using large data sets and machine learning to perform tasks and gather insights, AI solutions can provide support through many different stages of the recruitment process.

Automation Uses For Better Candidate Communication

mobile apps can help with candidate communication

Communicating effectively with every candidate you come in contact with may seem like an exhausting (or impossible) task. Don’t be afraid to use automation to help you out, but make sure you know how to optimize its potential.