Staffing World 2021 Series: Successfully Deploying Staffing Platforms in your Agency

deploying staffing platforms in your agency

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At this year’s Staffing World, we tackled the question of build versus buy, explored the convergence of staffing and technology, and did a deep dive on the ROI of successfully deploying staffing platforms. This article is the second in our series to recap the biggest takeaways. 

Game Changers
Successfully Deploying Staffing Platforms in your Healthcare Staffing Agency

Staffing World 2021 attendees can access the recording here. 

This year at Staffing World we were joined by customer Aram Hampoian, CEO of CoreMedical Group, to talk about the success they’ve seen deploying TimeSaved for Healthcare in their company. Just two months after launch, here are the major wins.

Recruiters save 25-50% of their day

The inbound interest seen from the self-serve job board has helped CoreMedical recruiters save hours of their day. Instead of calling candidates to learn more about what kind of work interests them or where they want to be placed, recruiters are able to focus on active incoming requests and have more time to nurture valuable conversations.

New recruiters’ time to productivity has dropped significantly

The team has also been able to cut down on the time it takes for new recruiters to make placements. By using a tool that is intuitive and lets recruiters focus on the highest value activities, new recruiters are able to surpass their new hire benchmarks.

Placements are up 30%

Without spending a single dollar on marketing the app, CoreMed has seen interest spread via word of mouth. Candidates are telling their friends about the app, so this increase in interest plus the time it’s saved their recruiters have helped bolster placements by 30%.

How did they do it?

CoreMedical group made communication a cornerstone of their rollout. They involved all necessary stakeholders in every step of the decision-making process to make sure that goals were aligned and clear, impactful, and realistic goals were set for the technology they introduced.

Want to learn more about their rollout process and results? Check out their case study Increasing Revenue with a Staffing Platform.


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