How to Get Buy In (and Ensure Success) for a New Mobile Recruiting Solution

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So, you’ve decided to champion the adoption of a new mobile recruiting solution.

You know that mobile is the preferred method of communication with most of the current workforce and that it only makes sense to adapt.

But being a product champion can feel a bit overwhelming when you need to get everyone on board and ensure success across a variety of users. Here are the main stakeholders you’ll need to get on board and how you can do it.

Get buy in from…


How? Show them the ROI

It’s perhaps the most straightforward, though potentially the most difficult, to ensure buy-in from C-suite execs and major decision makers. It all comes down to the bottom line. So when adopting a new solution, decide on some benchmarks and KPIs that you plan to track. Then bring those forward when it’s time to justify the spend.

Looking to decrease your time to fill? Increase your fill rate? Make it a priority to track that from the outset and make sure that whatever solution you choose acts as a true partner in helping you trend towards those. Not sure what you should be tracking? Finding a company that works hard to uncover those opportunities for you is the first step in adopting the right solution.


How? Add value to their job

Adopting a new mobile recruiting strategy should not only make recruiters’ lives easier, but it should also add value to their job. Ask your recruiters what they love about their jobs and want to spend more time on. Chances are it will be relationship building. Chances are they’ll want to work on developing the soft skills that are going to be especially pertinent to their jobs in the future.

So work to show them how a mobile solution can save them time. Make proper onboarding a priority so they understand exactly what the new tool can do and how it can complement and simplify their existing workflows. They’ll be much more likely to champion something that helps them develop their job the way they want to.

Contingent workers

How? Communicate more effectively

At the end of the day, the only way your solution is going to see success is if your workers are using it. And they’re only going to use it if it makes their lives easier.

Communication is an oft-cited frustration from people working with staffing agencies and a key reason why app-based solutions exist. Make sure your workforce is immediately aware of how a new solution, which they can access from the palm of their hand, is going to make that better. Empower them to communicate with you when and how they want by giving them the same experience they’ve come to expect in every other aspect of their lives.

Because if you’re able to increase their access to both jobs and recruiters, you’ll be working to solve one of their biggest problems. And that will work to establish trust and overcome objections which will ultimately help your mobile recruiting strategy be successful. 

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