StaffingTec Conference: The Time for Tech is Now

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We recently had the pleasure of attending the first ever StaffingTec conference in Seattle. And it was clear from the beginning that this was a different kind of conference all together. It was born out of the incredible growth of technology within the staffing industry, and intent on matching companies with their ideal software providers to ultimately help drive their success.

Where it all started

After attending both the ASA’s 2017 Staffing World and SIA’s 2018 Executive Forum, StaffingTec founder Maurice Fuller knew that the role of technology in the staffing industry was so critical that it deserved its own conference. With sessions like “Using Technology to Win the Race for Talent, Now and in the Future” in abundance, it was clear there was a hunger to evaluate staffing technology solutions. 

Leveraging his many years of IT staffing industry leadership, he brought together a comprehensive list of vendors and attendees to have thoughtful discussions about staffing tech solutions and to assess their needs in an environment designed to solve their problems.

Why StaffingTec is different

StaffingTec’s matchmaker approach to meetings makes all the difference in outcome for the attendees. Instead of vendors waiting for people to drop by a trade show booth in the hopes of engaging with them, both vendors and attendees fill out a profile so they can assess fit beforehand. They schedule meetings in advance of the conference based on the problems that companies are trying to solve.

This allows potential customers to lead the conversation with their challenges, and to seek out vendors who address pain points that are specific to them. Pre-scheduling these meetings saves time and ultimately allows for deeper conversations about customer fit.

TimeSaved at StaffingTec

Our CEO Rohan had the opportunity to take part in a panel about mobile recruitment while at StaffingTec, and speak to the role mobile plays in candidate engagement strategies. Some ideas that sparked conversation: 

1. Mobile allows you to engage with workers when, where and how they want. Giving them more control over their own experience will drive engagement. 

2. If candidates have the ability to make real time updates (to availability, skills, etc), agencies can use that information as an indication of interest and reach out while the candidate is engaged. 


Save your seat. Register for the webinar here!

For more on what we have to say about the role of mobile, check out 5 Things a Mobile App Can Do for Your Staffing Agency, and 5 Reasons Why Staffing Apps are the Future of Candidate Engagement

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