Great branding is a key to success in any industry, and the cornerstone of a great brand strategy in 2018 comes down to killer content marketing. Many staffing agencies are beginning to realize the utility and relevance of having a regularly updated blog. Here are a few of our favourite staffing blogs.

Liberty Staffing (Canada)

Liberty Staffing publishes content every day of the work week, and it is always timely and relevant. The New Year brought topical posts about what’s on the horizon for 2018 and how the new year might signal a career change, while the end of the school year saw advice for new grads. You’ll find the odd job update, but the majority of the content is advice-driven and aimed at both employers and employees.

Cornerstone Staffing (USA)

Cornerstone Staffing’s blog includes an interesting mix of internal updates, helpful tips articles, and summaries of industry reports and updates. They publish a regular Observation series that summarizes and contextualizes reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A good blog should always contextualize what’s happening in the industry, whether it’s statistics and reports, or larger conversations like AI and its implications for recruiting and staffing or the rise of direct sourcing platforms

Workbox Staffing (USA)

Workbox has been running a blog since 2015 that focuses on both sides of the employment equation. Articles are always well researched with a heavy dose of statistics and industry trends to back up content that is topical, well written and relevant. They also do a great job of expanding on relevant conversations by providing related blogs for readers to dive deeper if they wish.

PerSé Group (USA)

An attractive blog that has clear editorial and marketing sensibilities, the PerSé Group blog covers a range of subject matter that is relevant both within the staffing world and outside. Articles about what successful people do after a long weekend or how to keep productive during the holidays could bring value to a wide range of audiences, which is one sign of a quality blog.

But having a great blog is only the beginning. You’ll need a solid social media strategy, good email savvy and a host of other communication skills to make sure that the right people are noticing and appreciating your content.

In the end, the goal of any blog shouldn’t just be to sell yourself to your audience. It should be to add value for potential workers or clients and to build brand trust and relevance that will make them think of value when they think of you. And vice versa.

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