SIA Webinar Recap: Winning with a Platform-First Staffing Strategy

Staffing Industry Analysts Winning with a Platform-First Staffing Strategy

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Staffing platforms are here and their effects on the industry are evident and positive. Yet there appears to be a split between those who are preparing to adopt the new platform-first staffing strategy within the next two years and those who are still waiting to see when the time is right. Staffing Industry Analysts brought together a panel of leaders from SIA, Check, Greenlight, and TimeSaved to discuss the latest trends in staffing technology and what a platform-first strategy means for the future of the industry.

SIA members can check out the webinar on-demand here!

The rise of staffing platforms

In March 2021, SIA reported that 86% of firms are familiar with staffing platforms. 12% of those firms already have one in place and an additional 25% looking to build or implement one in the next two years. Last year, the temporary staffing industry brought in nearly 12 billion dollars in revenue (a 190% increase year over year). Although at this point it’s not possible to determine exactly how much of that revenue ran through staffing platforms, industry experts agree they had a significant impact. Lastly, while it was shown that healthcare and commercial staffing verticals are currently the best suited for platform implementation, others are not far behind.

It’s interesting to see how many agencies have approached implementing staffing platforms, with the majority taking an “omnichannel approach”. This means that traditional structures of staffing are intact, with the platform being used to supplement and streamline the process.

TimeSaved - SIA Staffing Platform Quote

Embedded technology and platforms are transforming the staffing industry

In the current, post-pandemic age, the normal everyday consumer has become accustomed to on-demand services and other apps that allow for distanced ordering. Job-seekers learned the value behind remote hiring for in-person work and it’s an experience that differentiates one staffing firm from another. By focusing on bettering the candidate experience through staffing platforms, staffing firms gained access to a higher-quality candidate pool, driving better agency engagement and redeployment rates.

“No longer are staffing agencies bound by the constraints of the number of members of the team,” says Rohan Jacob, CEO of TimeSaved. That’s the real advantage of a staffing platform; the ability to do all the data entry, updates, and payroll all from the convenience of a mobile device and single sign on. Staffing agencies are able to accomplish so much more – cheaper, faster, and better.

SIA Webinar Recap - Rohan Jacob Quote

How do we make the adoption of technology easier

Nobody wants to have to log into multiple products and accounts to provide documentation, pick up shifts, communicate, check payroll and update their information. A staffing platform can increase productivity by creating the right embedded tech stack in one platform while improving the overall candidate experience. 

 As founder and CEO of Greenlight, Jason Posel, said: “Focus is on how to make it better for the worker. One place for the background check, getting paid, or seeing their benefits.” Making sure that the candidate is experiencing a good placement process is at the core of what makes staffing platforms and their ability to integrate with so many tools so invaluable to the recruiter and candidate. 

“Staffing platforms are the redwood that helps you grow into the future and stay relevant”

According to Mike Johnson of Check, this new technology is changing the way staffing firms operate and allowing them to shift their focus back to the candidate. “Staffing platforms enable payroll, transform the candidate experience, and scale operations. …The new world of work is yesterday, most firms are just playing catch up.”

A platform-first staffing strategy has become an essential part of the continued success of agencies. Enabling candidates with the ability to self-select shifts, communicate on-demand and increase their visibility into time and pay is a crucial part of staying ahead.

SIA Webinar Recap - Mike Johnson Quote

The staffing industry is continuing to grow rapidly and a platform-first strategy will inevitably be a part of driving that growth. Staffing platforms are allowing firms to solve problems for their clients, candidates, and internal staff. Most importantly, they provide a hub of connection for them all to come together.

Interested in learning more about what high-growth agencies are doing to stay ahead? Check out this article or schedule a chat with a member of our team.

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