Recruiting Automation Tools to Save You Time

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We’ve been told over and over that hard work is the only way to see success. In the world of temporary recruitment, which is very much a numbers game and a bit of luck, you cannot set yourself up for success unless you hit a certain number for a combination of activities like calls, submissions, interviews etc.

What they don’t tell you is that working hard will only carry you so far. You also have to work smart. Closing more deals means not only identifying the right candidate but also getting to them faster than your competitors do. Here are some things recruiters can and should automate.

Automate your grammar

Tools: Grammarly and After the Deadline

In the information age, emails are often the primary way we communicate and are crucial to a first impression, and a big part of a recruiter’s role is sending out information via emails to candidates and clients. Incorrect spelling or grammatical errors can take away from your credibility and get you off on the wrong foot with the recipient.

Automate your inbox

Recruiters typically send and receive over 100 emails per day. These emails are from job applications, or clients, or can be internal emails or new leads. Most email applications allow you to sort your incoming mail by the sender or subject. For example, create a new folder labelled “Applications” and have job applications go directly there.  You will be able to see the emails that urgently need your attention and will be less distracted by incoming emails.

Another under-utilized email function is delayed delivery. Studies show there are better times to reach people. Usually, these times are the first thing in the morning or end of the day. Instead of emailing someone in the middle of the day, you can schedule the email for delivery at 8 AM in the morning so that it’s right on the top of their inbox.

Automate your messages

Tools: Auto Text Expander

Recruiters spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. You grow your network by sending out invitations and messaging prospective candidates and clients. Writing the same message repeatedly can get frustrating and time-consuming.

Auto Text Expander is an extension on chrome that can help you get the message out within a fraction of the time without leaving your browser. You can create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type.

Automate your social media presence

Tools: Buffer

Social media can be a great tool to grow your network and build credibility.  It does require time and consistency to be effective. Buffer makes it easy to share any page you’re reading. Add your favourite articles to your Buffer queue and it will automatically share them for you through the day. Bonus: It even does this on more than one channel.

Constantly monitoring where you spend your time can help you focus on the activities that have the largest impact. Working smart will always beat out working hard. Besides, who likes working over time anyways?

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