What can TimeSaved do for you?

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How Can TimeSaved Help You?

We empower workers and recruiters so you can make the most of the changing workplace.

Grow your Brand

Further extend your brand by pushing orders through a white-labelled app direct to your workforce

Maintain Worker Accountability

Maintain accountability through worker reviews and by using location tracking to ensure punctuality

Faster Fill Times and Better Fill Rates

Average time-to-fill is minutes vs. days or weeks for many temporary and contract staffing agencies

How It Works

TimeSaved is now a unique mobile solution for recruiters, helping temp agencies and employment agencies fill jobs fast with perfectly matched candidates.

Chat with candidates through SMS, Email, or in-app chat

Attract and engage candidates with a sophisticated yet simple user experience

Get real-time location, availability and contact updates from workers


The enticing ease of use that TimeSaved offers sometimes masks its power. Having a world class engagement solution is great but, like any tool, it’s only useful if it’s actually being utilized. Ensuring adoption will maximize your return on investment. Integrating with your current workflows is important to us and we’ll work with you to find the best way to integrate with your team. Our API driven engine makes it easy for us to integrate with both large and small ATS systems. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about integrations.

Security & Reliability

User privacy and data security are always at the top of our mind at TimeSaved. We were very please to learn that Azure was the first cloud to adopt the ISO 27018 standard that governs the processing of data in the cloud. Deploying our apps on Azure ensures that our data is secure, giving our customers peace of mind. To ensure reliability, Microsoft Azure detects when we approach 80% resource capacity and will automatically deploy additional recources to meet this demand.

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