Online Staffing Platforms Take Centre Stage at ExecForum

the rise of online staffing platform adoption

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Online staffing platforms have exploded in popularity, and this year’s ExecForum marked a shift in the way the industry is talking about this type of technology. Most interestingly for us at TimeSaved, this year seemed to be when the content stopped addressing “why you should adopt online staffing platforms” and started addressing “how you should adopt online staffing platforms”.

barry asin talks about online staffing platforms in his keynote address

The Rise of Online Staffing Platforms

This year, Staffing Industry Analysts created this as a new category in which to place a rapidly expanding sector of staffing technology. In their 2020 report on Hiring Platforms, SIA defines Staffing Platforms, or SPaaS, simply as “a segment of the staffing sector representing the automated/online version of the offline processes conducted by staffing firms”.

In his opening address at ExecForum, Barry Asin observed what he called “a tsunami of change in platform adoption and results”, and noted that shifts being covered through this type of platform have more than doubled in the last six months alone. COVID accelerated an existing appetite for this kind of technology and pushed many firms to move quickly. 

And yet, he noted that only 40% of staffing firms are currently in the process of adopting staffing platforms, with only 10% having taken meaningful action already.

how agencies are adopting online staffing platforms

The End of the Early Adopter

This means we are just exiting the early adoption phase of this kind of technology. It has begun to gain meaningful traction and show early but promising results, but it’s yet to be widely rolled out across many agencies’ workforces. This means, as noted in the panel discussion on this topic, there’s still time to differentiate yourself in the market with your clients and your candidates by incorporating this kind of technology. But you have to do it fast. 

Within the past year, companies have started to report on impressie results from their mobile staffing platforms. AMN, and many others within the healthcare sector, have attributed a lot of growth to their mobile deployment platforms. TrueBlue mentions on nearly every earnings call the positive impact JobStack has had for them.

healthcare is seeing the entrance of many online staffing platforms

The Struggle to Adopt

The thing that seems to be causing many agencies to take pause is the question of how to roll out this kind of technology across their organization. People are comfortable implementing a new ATS because they’ve done that before, and they know how it works. But the trepidation around staffing platforms has caused some delay.

Many sessions during ExecForum addressed these concerns and there were some very clear takeaways: start by understanding the problem you are trying to solve, get buy-in early from all levels of your organization, define what success looks like for your team and then reward that success accordingly.  

tips for adopting online staffing platforms

At TimeSaved, we’ve been working with agencies for the past several years to roll out this kind of technology. And we’ve learned a lot along the way. Check out these resources for more information, or book a meeting with our team.

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