How a Staffing Agency Used a Mobile-first staffing platform to Grow During Economic Crisis

During the period of economic uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, TimeSaved customer MCM Staffing used our technology to successfully pivot into the burgeoning market of healthcare staffing. Using our app they were able to quickly build up their pool of healthcare workers and grow their business to meet changing demands (despite losing nearly 80% of their pre-COVID revenue).

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On pace to double revenue to $40M, two months after losing 80% of their pre-COVID business

MCM Staffing is an award-winning recruiting firm headquartered in Michigan. Prior to COVID-19, 80% of their job placements were in light industrial. Having seen both the necessity of placing into recession-proof industries, as well as the oncoming strain to healthcare caused by an aging population, MCM made a decision to break into healthcare staffing.

MCM places a variety of healthcare workers, including “patient sitters” – a position that does not require a medical designation. As healthcare facilities experienced increased demands due to COVID-19, MCM saw their healthcare placements spike dramatically. With the right technology pieces in place, they were able to adapt to these rapid changes so successfully that they’ve been asked to expand their services into several other regions.

The problem we needed to solve:

Rapid workforce scaling

In order to recover from a steady decline in revenue, MCM needed to double down on the healthcare side of their business and grow their workforce quickly. The demand was there, but they needed technology to help them meet it. TimeSaved made it easy for MCM to get new healthcare workers signed up, onboarded and ready to work right away.



~ Courtney Morales Hofmann, President

The Result:

By making it as easy as possible for workers to sign up, MCM was able to successfully and quickly meet the rising demand in their healthcare staffing. Candidates could apply on their phone, update all necessary information in real time, and chat with recruiters directly to get their questions answered right away.

When MCM made the decision to partner with TimeSaved, they had anticipated initially onboarding 75 workers. Less than a month into implementation they had onboarded more than 600, and already sent more than 75 out to jobs through the app. It was their focus on using technology to provide a better candidate experience and more responsive communication that allowed them to surpass their goals and position themselves for success during a historically challenging time in staffing.

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How we did it

Quick Implementation

The needs of this crisis were immediate. Knowing they had to move quickly, MCM came in with expectations for immediate implementation. After selecting TimeSaved in February, they began roll out in March, and had doubled their healthcare workforce using the platform by the beginning of April.

  • Full implementation, from purchasing to full deployment, in a matter of weeks
  • Intuitive system made it easy for their recruiters to learn
  • Over 600 candidates onboarded in less than a month. More than 500 were net new.
600+ onboarded in 3 weeks

Easy Candidate Onboarding

Before they began working with TimeSaved, MCM candidates could not apply using their phones. Once enabled with our solution, they were able to apply in minutes, providing all relevant placement information in real time, including location, availability, skills and documentation.

  • Average onboarding time of under three minutes
  • Onboarding completion rate of 95.7% (up from 66%)

Faster Responses

Before implementing TimeSaved, MCM recruiters would spend the first hour and a half of their day connecting with workers, ensuring they had everything they needed from them. Once they had the ability to message people using in-app chat, they were able to cut through the noise and connect with people instantaneously, saving them hours each day.

  • Over 750 messages sent from workers in less than a month
  • Recruiters saved 1.5 hours each day
recruiters save hours every day

Document Uploading

In order to get their workforce placement-ready quickly, and in a time of social distancing, MCM needed to receive documentation digitally. They used TimeSaved’s document upload feature to send important information through the in-app chat system, such as TB testing results. We then built a dynamic smart list that compiled all workers who had used the app to upload documents. This process ensured that all worker information was collected and stored in one centralized, easy to search database.

  • Unique workflow created for document upload

Rapid Sourcing

MCM specializes in a healthcare niche known as “patient sitting”. The needs of this job placement are incredibly dynamic, and they need to be able to place and pull people at a moments’ notice. TimeSaved’s real-time notifications helped them do this more effectively. Being able to see who is active in the app meant that MCM could reach out immediately to follow up and make placements with active workers.

  • Real time activity = fills

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