Important Changes Coming To SMS: Will Your Candidate Communication Be Affected?

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Is texting currently an important part of your candidate communication strategy? If so, there are some important changes coming that you should be aware of when planning your outreach.

Carriers have begun taking a more aggressive approach to filtering SMS for spam. They’re using machine learning to identify certain criteria, and if your SMS system is flagged this could mean your messages are filtered or blocked all together.

They will now be tracking

  • how frequently a phone number sends messages
  • how many messages are sent at a time
  • if the messages have high ‘opt out’ rate
  • if the number is reported a high number of times
  • what times of the day these messages are sent
  • proprietary formula to identify if its a marketing/scam/spam message

Keep an eye out to make sure that you’re keeping in line with new mandates. You can also read
more information on filtering here.

If you’ve been considering evolving your candidate communication beyond texting, now might be the best time for you to start.

Learn more about communication strategies and how direct messaging is ultimately more effective than SMS in our free e-book:

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