How to Mobilize for a Candidate-Driven Market

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The staffing world can agree: the market is becoming more candidate-driven by the day. Consider these five approaches when evaluating how to adapt to the power shift.

Go mobile

In a world where candidates are exposed to a multitude of tools to assist them in their job search, from job boards like Indeed to direct sourcing platforms like Wonolo, visibility is imperative. Make sure you’re meeting your candidates at all the important communication touch points they’re looking for, including mobile. Make it as easy as possible for them to communicate with you on their schedule and in the way that is most seamless for their lifestyle. This often means from the palm of their hand.

Put the candidate experience first

When people talk about user experience, particularly in the world of software development and design, they often mention user interface in the same breath. This means ensuring that the systems you employ for users are intuitive, compelling and easy for them to use. It’s simple: if you’re introducing new tools or systems, make sure people will want to use them because they solve their problems easily.

But truly focusing on a good candidate experience goes beyond just making sure you are communicating via their preferred method and in a way that is simple and straightforward. It means engaging with them on their terms. Let them be in control of how, when and where they work and think about what that experience looks like from end to end. For example, consider that maybe they feel pressured to accept a job when they speak to someone on the phone, and how that pressure might lead to a negative experience. As much as is possible, adapt your processes to consider the candidate’s experience at every step.

Invest in branding

So you’ve devoted yourself to crafting a great candidate experience, and now you need to get people experiencing it. Branding is a crucial component of candidate engagement, and an important part of staying competitive in today’s market, because it allows candidates to come to you. Spend some time discussing and refining your brand, noting what your unique value proposition is and taking that to market where your candidates live: on social media, on mobile, and through blogs and content marketing.

Adopt technology thoughtfully

With the rise of the contingent workforce, staffing agencies that place temporary workers are going to need to adapt quickly. Using technology to scale will be an imperative part of this shift, but it will take some introspection first. Make sure you are automating processes in a way that will benefit the business, the recruiters and the candidates. Employ the right technology so you can scale processes without losing the human element that makes the industry what it is. For instance, if you’re adding chatbots into your workflow, make sure you’re tracking their efficacy, employing AI when possible, and following up with human interaction when necessary.

Use data to anticipate needs 

Paying close attention to metrics and defining key performances indicators can achieve many things. They can help you note successes so you can double down on effective people or tactics, and they can help you preempt possible issues that might affect your candidates or your recruiters. Pay close attention to engagement metrics and investigate when you notice something concerning. Is there a particular employer receiving negative feedback or a certain segment of workers dropping off in communication? Investigate so you can intercept problems before they exist.

In the end, putting the candidate first means anticipating their needs and providing them the tools and channels to find you and maintain meaningful connections.

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