How Recruiters Can Use Technology for a Better Client Experience

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Automate for faster placement

One of the most cited advantages of working with recruitment agencies is that they save businesses time. Another benefit is the expertise they bring in finding quality candidates. If recruitment agencies are able to integrate tech so that smaller tasks can be automated, they’ll be able to place candidates faster and spend more time flexing their candidate knowledge, effectively doubling down on key areas of value.

Offer app-based communication

It’s no secret that mobile usage has increased dramatically over the past few years (2015 seemed to be the year the Internet exploded with cautionary stats of the Canadian market). Recruiters should consider mobile communication not only with their candidates but with their clients as well. Clients will appreciate the tangible benefits of working with a business that’s optimized for the on-demand economy.

Prioritize a transparent review system

No one can deny the influence that a review system has on consumer decision-making, whether it’s wielding power over what you buy on Amazon or what you watch on Netflix. The recruitment industry is no exception. Employers want to know if they can trust their temporary staff to show up on time and if their profile or resume accurately reflects their skill set. Having an easy, accessible, and transparent review system allows recruiters to verify clients’ satisfaction with candidates, ensuring that what the candidate presents is in line with client expectations.

Track your candidates

Having late or no show candidates can be extremely damaging to client relationships, not to mention the stress it adds to a recruiter’s day. Consider utilizing a GPS functionality so you know your candidates’ whereabouts before it’s time for them to clock in for the day. Verify when they’re on site and when they’re enroute so you can begin to mitigate problems before they arise. GPS tracking can also help with billing accuracy, a cornerstone to any successful staffing relationship.

Make it easy to reconnect with favourite workers

Employers know when they have come across a dedicated, trustworthy and effective temporary worker and will want a clear, no-hassle way of booking that worker again. Having a favourite worker feature that enables them to reconnect quickly will not only add value in their eyes but will also help you save time and money looking for a placement in the future. Win Win!

With new tech solutions presenting themselves every day and disruptions shaking up new markets all the time, technology is definitely changing the game. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to play the game. Besides, you could take a robot any day.

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