What can TimeSaved
do for you?

TimeSaved is a unique mobile solution for recruiters,
helping temp agencies and employment agencies fill
jobs fast with perfectly matched candidates.

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1 Worker downloads the app

Workers download your own branded iOS and Android app. You verify them for work and they can start receiving notifications immediately.

2 Recruiter sends out a job

Recruiters filter through candidate pools targeting them by skills, availability, and the distance they are willing to travel for work.


Worker receives notification

When candidates are selected for a job, they will be notified immediately and can accept or decline the job in the app.


Recruiter engages and tracks candidates

Recruiters have multiple channels to engage candidates – SMS, in-app chat, email – plus GPS tracking to monitor their jobs.


Agency saves time and
cuts costs

With less time spent filtering and tracking candidates, recruiters can spend more time on relationship building and business goals.

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TimeSaved today

Connect with workers and fill jobs faster and smarter
than ever before. We empower workers and recruiters
so you can make the most of the changing workplace.