Interview: What it Takes to Build Your Own Staffing Software

software development team

Thinking about building a staffing platform for your agency? Watch this first.  In this video you’ll learn: Why the market is ripe for technology and disruption, and what people are doing about it How much it costs (typically) to get a minimum viable product to market Other key considerations when building your own solution, like […]

See TimeSaved’s On-Demand Mobile App in Action

on-demand mobile app

See for yourself how TimeSaved partners with staffing agencies to create an on-demand mobile app focused on candidate engagement. Learn how TimeSaved can: Help onboard your workforce with our fast, easy remote processes Increase candidate engagement through in-app messaging Provide additional value to clients through our Client Mobile App Resource page Mobile Apps Boost […]

Smart Recruiting With TimeSaved & Microsoft

TimeSaved can help you eliminate costly, ineffective processes in favour of nimble technology and real-time information. Learn about the technology that powers our solution. In this video you’ll learn: The type of technology that TimeSaved uses to power our innovative platform How TimeSaved scales our technology to meet the demands of our clients The role […]