Indeed Flex Quietly Launches. What Does that Mean for Agencies?

There’s been a piece of big news quietly circulating the staffing industry for the past few days -Indeed has launched a platform called ‘Indeed Flex’ that signals their official entry into staffing. It’s not really “news” in the traditional sense because it’s being done in relative stealth. No announcements, no splashes. It has reached a few […]

How We Build for Scale at TimeSaved

code base

By: Ray Kao How we build for scale can be summed up into four points: Build twelve-factor applications in a cloud-native world Make constant and iterative improvements to our automation pipeline (DevOps) process Leverage managed cloud services as our underlying substrate Platform as a Service (PaaS) first  Functions as a Service (FaaS) second Infrastructure as […]

5 Things a Mobile App Can Do for Your Staffing Agency

Texting and mobile communication is the preferred way to reach the majority of today’s workforce, especially those who are part of the growing gig economy. And having a workforce management tool that allows you to communicate via someone’s preferred method, whether it’s text, in-app chat, email, or a combination, makes it easier to optimize worker […]