Staffing World 2018: Apps are Here to Stay, Uber Enters Staffing

Rohan speaking at Staffing World 2018

Staffing World 2018 takeaways It became clear after last year’s StaffingWorld conference that the industry is shifting to become mobile first. This year at Staffing World 2018, the takeaway was a much more urgent one. Large staffing companies have been building their own apps and this is going to have big  consequences for smaller agencies. […]

StaffingTec Conference: The Time for Tech is Now

We recently had the pleasure of attending the first ever StaffingTec conference in Seattle. And it was clear from the beginning that this was a different kind of conference all together. It was born out of the incredible growth of technology within the staffing industry, and intent on matching companies with their ideal software providers […]

Takeaways from SIA Executive Forum 2018

TimeSaved’s CEO recently had the opportunity to gather among staffing agency execs at the SIA Executive Forum in Miami to learn about where our industry is headed in the coming years.

Takeaways from ACSESS 2017: Three Recruitment Trends to Keep an Eye On

Most conversations at the 2017 ACSESS conference seemed to address a somewhat predictable promise: that technology is going to completely reinvent recruitment for organizations and staffing firms alike. The rise of the sharing economy, the prevalence of mobile applications and the sudden significance of the gig economy have already disrupted many industries, and it’s fair […]