Trend Report: Candidate Engagement Technology Helps Your Bottom Line

candidate engagement technology

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Earlier this month, Staffing Industry Analysts put out an illuminating report about growth trends in the industry, and how certain technologies have fueled growth for agencies. They specifically noted a sharp increase in automation adoption.


Candidate self serveon the rise

They noted that, as of 2020, the majority of participating agencies offered self-serve options for many candidate touchpoints.

  • 83% offered document submission
  • 81% offered a way to view all available jobs
  • 78% offered a way to apply for jobs
  • 69% offered a way to track time


Candidate engagement platforms helped increase revenue

They also highlighted that sectors who were quick to adopt candidate engagement technology were more likely to see revenue growth in 2020.

They specifically pointed to travel nursing. Of all market categories analyzed, the overwhelming majority saw significant drops in revenue in 2020. Travel nursing, on the other hand, saw a 10% overall increase. 

Of all firms participating who place into travel nursing, 76% increased their spend on candidate engagement technology last year. 67% also increased their spend in online job advertising, and 62% in sourcing automation. Per diem saw similar trends. Platforms like SnapNurse, Trusted Health and Aya Healthcare were specifically highlighted as contributing to segment growth.

new automation technology statistics

If you’re curious what a firm like yours can do to get on the right side of these trends, we’re happy to be a resource to discuss.

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