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10 07 2018
Posted by David King
Tips for Managing Your Mobile App’s Online Reviews

When customers love something, you hope they’ll let you know. But more often than not, they’ll be more vocal about their displeasure. (You likely know this already -- you've been to the customer service rodeo before.) However, when it comes to launching a mobile app, you now have a new outlet to monitor when it...

26 06 2018
Posted by David King
4 Key Performance Indicators Temporary Staffing Agencies Should be Leveraging

Businesses look for ways to measure performance and accountability with their staffing agency partners. Key Performance Indicators help these businesses manage contingency labour costs and efficiencies. It's essential for an agency to not only understand why businesses rely on KPIs but also know how to manage their own. (more…)

19 06 2018
Posted by David King
Investing in a New Staffing App: Build it or Buy it

Business owners and entrepreneurs have to stay up to speed on incorporating new technologies into their business. However, busy business owners can’t always be expected to know a lot about developing their own software applications. This leads to the question of whether you should buy an off-the-shelf solution, or pay a developer to create a...

11 06 2018
Posted by David King
StaffingTec Conference: The Time for Tech is Now

We recently had the pleasure of attending the first ever StaffingTec conference in Seattle. And it was clear from the beginning that this was a different kind of conference all together. It was born out of the incredible growth of technology within the staffing industry, and intent on matching companies with their ideal software providers...

08 05 2018
Posted by David King
TimeSaved to Attend First Ever StaffingTec Conference

There’s a new conference in town (well, in Seattle actually) and we couldn’t be more excited. (more…)

01 05 2018
Posted by David King
7 Things Your Staffing Agency Should Do on Social Media

It’s pretty cluttered out there in the world of online communication. So how can you as a staffing agency break through the noise and connect with candidates more effectively via your social channels? (more…)

17 04 2018
Posted by David King
4 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Increase Redeployment Rates

Increasing redeployment rates is a common goal for staffing agencies. Unfortunately, these rates are consistently quite low, hovering around 16%. To solve this problem, staffing companies can try a number of different tactics, both offline and online. The important thing is that the agency devote the necessary time and resources to make the strategy successful....

04 04 2018
Posted by Jenn Martin
5 Things a Mobile App Can Do for Your Staffing Agency

Texting and mobile communication is the preferred way to reach the majority of today’s workforce, especially those who are part of the growing gig economy. And having a workforce management tool that allows you to communicate via someone’s preferred method, whether it’s text, in-app chat, email, or a combination, makes it easier to optimize worker...

28 03 2018
Posted by Jenn Martin
4 (More) Recruiting Blogs You Should be Following

Following up on our previous post that highlighted some stellar blogs from staffing agencies, here’s a sampling of other industry blogs we think are worth a follow. (more…)

15 03 2018
Posted by Jenn Martin
Takeaways from SIA Executive Forum 2018

TimeSaved's CEO recently had the opportunity to gather among staffing agency execs at the SIA Executive Forum in Miami to learn about where our industry is headed in the coming years. (more…)

27 02 2018
How to Design a Great Candidate Experience (and Why it Matters)

Successful temporary recruiting agencies know that with the current talent shortages, they can’t afford to lose candidates to their competition. The conversation is no longer centred around increasing the number of people in the database, but instead it’s become about the most efficient way to manage and leverage the database. (more…)

20 02 2018
Posted by Jenn Martin
How to Mobilize for a Candidate-Driven Market

The staffing world can agree: the market is becoming more candidate-driven by the day. Consider these five approaches when evaluating how to adapt to the power shift. (more…)

13 02 2018
Posted by Jenn Martin
4 Staffing Companies with Killer Blogs

Great branding is a key to success in any industry, and the cornerstone of a great brand strategy in 2018 comes down to killer content marketing. Many staffing agencies are beginning to realize the utility and relevance of having a regularly updated blog. Here are a few of our favourites. (more…)

02 02 2018
Posted by Jenn Martin
How to Get Buy In (and Ensure Success) for a New Mobile Recruiting Solution

So, you’ve decided to champion the adoption of a new mobile recruiting solution.You know that mobile is the preferred method of communication with most of the current workforce and that it only makes sense to adapt. (more…)