7 Things to Consider Before Introducing Automation for Staffing Agencies

automation for staffing agencies
Automation for staffing agencies presents a huge opportunity. But with so much noise, how do you make sure to do it right?

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In the second installment of our Staffing Transformation webinar series, we sat down with a panel of industry leaders to talk about important ways to stay competitive. Unsurprisingly, much of the conversation centered around automation for staffing agencies. But before you dive into new automation tools for your staffing agency, our panelists had this advice:  

Understand how automation for staffing agencies can enable your workers

“I think that having that technology at their fingertips can give (workers) a sense of regaining control over the process a little bit. They’ve got something tangible that they can do to seek out job opportunities and these platforms are giving them the ability to directly engage with the people that are hiring in a very real capacity.” 


Realize that your data could be your biggest competitive differentiator

“To remain competitive, regardless of whether it’s with IndeedFlex or Jobstack or other tools that are out there, it’s really going to be thinking about data in new ways and finding technology and processes that help you make the most of it”

Understand the cost of bad data

“You’ve got this vast amount of candidate data in your database and (based on some of the studies that I have seen and conversations that I have had) when companies make placements they are using somewhere around 30 to 40 percent of the existing talent in their database (on all placements).

We all know how much it costs to go out and recruit and onboard a new W-2 employee…(somewhere around $500 and $5,000). If you were placing 7 of those brand new people for every 10 placements that you have, that’s the opportunity and the benefits to sourcing that data so you can redeploy your existing talent.”

  • Chris Loope, BGSF

Involve your whole team in the process

“The agencies that do this really well are those that get people within their organization all involved in the decision making process. It’s not just leadership, top-down walking those show floors seeing those technologies being used in controlled environments and saying “this is super interesting, this is super cool, we’re going to come in and we’re going to do this change”. 

It’s getting the recruiters, getting the marketing teams, getting the sales teams all involved in the process and saying “this is why we want to change, what do you think?”

  • Rohan Jacob, TimeSaved

Work towards a balance between familiar KPIs and new measures of success

“There’s so much goodness to differentiate just by taking your existing key metrics and using automation to make those key metrics better …your order fill rate, improve your time to fill, reduce your negative turnover, improve your redeployment rate..the satisfaction rates through ClearlyRated and other firms on the NPS scores have a ton of room to differentiate.

You can be competitive in staffing by doing things faster and focusing on customer satisfaction both at the customer side and the client side.”

  • Chris Loope, BGSF

Make your recruiters feel valued and supported as the industry, and their roles, evolve

“A misconception about installing technology in a branch is this idea (and it may be a real fear) that recruiters think it’s going to jeopardize my job. If we think about automation, it’s going to make my role irrelevant or I’m not going to have a job to come back to.

That’s a mindset that as leaders within staffing organizations we can help change, and help team members realize that we want to provide tools to help you be more successful in your role.”

  • Jason Leverant, AtWork

Don’t underestimate the role of change management

“The tools themselves have become so easy to deploy that there’s this mindset that it’s just a quick couple months and we’re up and we’re ready to go. What that really devalues in the process is bringing your staff, your recruiters, the things that make you different as a staffing company along with that change”

  • Holly Cohoon, Regents Consulting

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