ASA Webinar: Using Mobile Apps To Create Better Experiences

Join TimeSaved’s CEO Rohan Jacob as he explores how mobile technology saves recruiters time and builds better relationships with clients and candidates. In this video you’ll learn: How mobile technology can help you increase fill rates, reduce fill time and increase ROI How you can increase retention and redeployment time while increasing candidate engagement How […]

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Apps for Staffing

Candidates expect to find work on their phone. It’s time to give them what they’re looking for. Read our ebook for more information on the state of mobile technology in the staffing industry and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve. In this ebook you’ll learn: How candidates are engaging with mobile […]

Smart Recruiting With TimeSaved & Microsoft

TimeSaved can help you eliminate costly, ineffective processes in favour of nimble technology and real-time information. Learn about the technology that powers our solution. In this video you’ll learn: The type of technology that TimeSaved uses to power our innovative platform How TimeSaved scales our technology to meet the demands of our clients The role […]

StaffingTec’s Maurice Fuller on the Uberization of Staffing

StaffingTec President Maurice Fuller speaks on the future of staffing technology and the importance of optimizing every experience for mobile. Fast Facts: 85% of the time candidates engage with you, it’s through a mobile device People Ready’s JobStack has completely revolutionized the way they make placements TimeSaved gives agencies the power to push real-time job […]

The Value of Mobile Technology in Light Industrial Staffing

Geoff Clendenning Of Armor People Link Talks About The Core Values That TimeSaved Brings To His Agency TimeSaved’s core values: Connectedness with workforce   Brand awareness Giving workers the ability to control their availability Resource page Mobile Apps Boost Your Success Our mobile apps can be deployed within weeks so you can start seeing results right […]