David King

Posted by | October 2, 2018
Reasons we’re excited for Staffing World 2018

1. Tech Park is expanding (more…)

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Posted by | September 18, 2018
White Labelling and What it Can Do for Your Staffing Agency

White-labeling has become a hot topic in the staffing industry. More and more companies are taking advantage of white-labeling to make their software and services more authentic. However, this term...

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Posted by | August 28, 2018
App Store Optimization: What it is, and how to do it well

Staffing agencies are constantly trying to find top talent. To do so, they need to stand out from the competition and provide their candidates with the best experience possible. Apps...

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Posted by | August 14, 2018
How Texting Can Boost Your Bottom Line

It’s no secret that millenials, in particular, love texting. They view it as a less disruptive, more convenient form of communication. (more…)

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Posted by | July 31, 2018
Tips for Increasing Your Candidate Engagement

With unemployment at a record low and an incredibly tight labour market, candidate engagement is everything. You want to capture the attention of talent, and retain that talent for future...

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Posted by | July 17, 2018
3 Tips for Improving Retention with Your Temporary Workforce

It can be frustrating to fill a job order for a great client, only to get the call that one or more of your qualified candidates left or did not...

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Posted by | July 10, 2018
Tips for Managing Your Mobile App’s Online Reviews

When customers love something, you hope they’ll let you know. But more often than not, they’ll be more vocal about their displeasure. (You likely know this already -- you've been...

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Posted by | June 26, 2018
4 Key Performance Indicators Temporary Staffing Agencies Should be Leveraging

Businesses look for ways to measure performance and accountability with their staffing agency partners. Key Performance Indicators help these businesses manage contingency labour costs and efficiencies. It's essential for an...

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Posted by | June 19, 2018
Investing in a New Staffing App: Build it or Buy it

Business owners and entrepreneurs have to stay up to speed on incorporating new technologies into their business. However, busy business owners can’t always be expected to know a lot about...

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Posted by | June 11, 2018
StaffingTec Conference: The Time for Tech is Now

We recently had the pleasure of attending the first ever StaffingTec conference in Seattle. And it was clear from the beginning that this was a different kind of conference all...

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