App Store Optimization: What it is, and how to do it well

Staffing agencies are constantly trying to find top talent. To do so, they need to stand out from the competition and provide their candidates with the best experience possible. Apps are a new way that staffing firms can achieve this goal.

However, promoting the app and building up the user base can prove challenging at times, and app store optimization (ASO) is something that is often overlooked. 

What is ASO

Just like search engines rely on search engine optimization to provide users with the most relevant and helpful content, app stores rely on something called app store optimization to provide users with relevant and useful apps.

If you want your app to rank higher in search results, there are a couple measures you can take. 

Ask Candidates to Rate the App

Ratings and commentary are the lifeblood of app optimization in the Play Store and Apple App Store. A high number of consistent, positive reviews is key to keeping the app high up in the search rankings. Plus, it increases the likelihood of engagement by candidates once they actually download the program.


Similar to search engine optimization, app store optimization requires intense focus on keywords. The trending keywords pick up the most traffic and most users. Use tools to understand what terms are hot so that you can get in front of them and acquire more downloads.


Make sure to be concise yet complete when describing the app. That will help the algorithm place the app in the right search results and also communicate to recruits the purpose of the tool.


App stores use the category distinction to help them sort and produce the apps in response to any search. Being in the right category or categories helps more people find the app. If you are targeting a relatively niche industry or category like Scala programmers, this will be especially helpful.


Lastly, the title of the app is extremely important to get it up the rankings and increase download rates. A confusing title with no meaning is probably not a good tactic for a staffing agency. Rather, something clear, professional and direct is the best way to go.

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