About TimeSaved

TimeSaved was born out of a desire to help people thrive in the changing economy.

Founder Rohan had first hand experience with the challenges of temporary work, being responsible for staffing the flagship store of a leading retailer. He wanted to return to his tech roots to help solve the problems he was seeing.

Once the journey began, it become clear that partnering with staffing agencies was the way forward. TimeSaved’s mission is to equip staffing agencies with the tech they need to stay competitive in an industry where the threat of disruption looms larger every day.

TimeSaved's platform is easy to use and has helped my business tremendously!

Catherine Horber

The Staff of TimeSaved

Rohan Jacob

Founder and CEO

As a former manager at Futureshop, Rohan discovered that there was an immediate need for a modernized system for arranging part-time and temporary staffing needs. This is where the idea for TimeSaved was born.

When he’s not running TimeSaved, Rohan indulges in travel, food exploration and reading everything he can about business and fantasy/sci-fi.

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