7 Things Your Staffing Agency Should Do on Social Media

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It’s pretty cluttered out there in the world of online communication. So how can you as a staffing agency break through the noise and connect with candidates more effectively via your social channels?

Start with a Strategy

Before you begin putting increased effort into your social channels, think about how you plan to do that. Establish a persona that reflects your agency – do you want to be friendly? professional? fun loving? – and come up with a baseline strategy. Based on resourcing, how often can you afford to post? Establish a cadence that followers can rely on for valuable content.

Establish Engagement Limits

There’s a fine line to walk, here. Understand that completely ignoring your engagement statistics is obviously a mistake, but the other end of the spectrum can also be what’s keeping your social success low. Being too pushy and over engaging with potential candidates can easily scare them away.

Utilize Your Current Workforce

You already have employees within your workforce — this means you have a built-in referral plan at your disposal. Not only can you utilize the presence of these employees for social engagement, you can also ask permission to host their profiles on your own social media, showcasing their success as a form of example.

Prioritize Valuable Content

Not every tweet or post you publish should be focused on getting those candidates into your ranks. Again, being overly pushy with potential candidates gives the impression that they are a number to you, not a valued asset. Break up your content with helpful advice, blogs and other topics that add value to your follower’s lives.

Focus Your Candidate Field

Don’t think that casting a wide net will mean you’ll catch more fish. Think about what you’re truly looking for in a candidate, then hone your engagement strategies to match that criteria.

Harness the Power of Automation

Recruiting is a time-consuming vocation, so consider every opportunity to make automation your friend. Tools like Hootsuite offer the ability to pre-schedule your posts so you can better make time for your efforts.

Consider Current Tech Trends

How do potential employees want to connect with staffing agencies? While social media is a good jumping point, having to aggregate communication across multiple platforms and websites can be difficult. Staffing agencies can now utilize applications for a better, direct line of communication with candidates, and these can easily be advertised as a selling point on social media.

If you are a tech-forward agency, make that part of your online persona (and remember that maintaining an active presence is key to convincing candidates this is actually true).

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