5 Things a Mobile App Can Do for Your Staffing Agency

Texting and mobile communication is the preferred way to reach the majority of today’s workforce, especially those who are part of the growing gig economy. And having a workforce management tool that allows you to communicate via someone’s preferred method, whether it’s text, in-app chat, email, or a combination, makes it easier to optimize worker engagement.

But what of the other benefits of having a mobile solution? Beyond just increasing message engagement, apps can provide benefits for better branding, worker tracking and analytics. 

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Provide a centralized, real-time communication hub

Having a real-time communication hub will not only empower workers through a direct channel to a recruiter, but it will help keep them organized by offering all the details they need in one place.


Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 2.44.53 PMPre-filter with up-to-date worker information

Offering up-to-date worker information like availability and skills has several benefits unto itself. It empowers workers, giving them flexibility and fit in their job selection, and it allows recruiters to be more targeted. Recruiters can save time in outreach by pre-filtering through key fields and set up campaigns that target specific things.

Track workers through GPS Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 2.45.00 PM

Mobile apps allow you to utilize every smartphone’s built-in GPS function to track workers. This can help recruiters preempt job issues like no shows or late arrivals before they arise, keeping things running smoothly with clients.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 2.45.04 PMIncrease your brand exposure

Apps allow you to offer a true extension of your agency in the hands of your workers. Having your company logo visible on a smartphone screen, and having a positive user experience bolster that brand equity, is a great way to stand out and solidify value for workers.

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Gather worker stats for better engagement

Apps help gather valuable data on candidate engagement so recruiters can dive deeper to find meaning and drive success. Find out what individual workers’ true job preferences are by easily tracking the mobile messages they do and do not interact with.

Candidates expect engagement. Apps can deliver.

Read more here in our new ebook about mobile recruiting and the gig economy.

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