12 Days of TimeSaved: The Best of 2021

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Introducing the 12 Days of TimeSaved where we recap the 12 best performing pieces of content for 2021. 

# 12: How Staffing Platforms are Changing the Staffing Landscape

At this year’s Staffing World, our CEO Rohan Jacob was joined by a rockstar panel to explore the convergence of staffing and technology. This article explores the biggest takeaways. 

# 11: The Dangers of Deploying Checkbox Technology in Your Agency

Thinking of going mobile? Don’t just check off the “I’ve got an app” box. In this blog, we explore why and how to build an experience that matters.

# 10: Seven Things to Consider Before Introducing Automation to Your Agency

Automation for staffing agencies presents a huge opportunity. But with so much noise, how do you make sure to do it right? Read this blog to find out.

# 9: Online Staffing Platforms Take Centre Stage at ExecForum

Online staffing platforms have exploded in popularity in the last few years. Are they really the future of the staffing industry?

barry asin talks about online staffing platforms in his keynote address

# 8: The Explosive Growth of On-Demand Healthcare Staffing Platforms

Read about how the use of on-demand healthcare staffing platforms has soared since 2020, with new competitors entering the space.

# 7: What White-Labeled Apps Can Do For Your Staffing Agency

White-labeled staffing apps have become a hot topic in the industry in recent years. Learn about how they can benefit your agency.

# 6: SPaaS: 6 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing

Staffing-platforms-as-a-service are taking the industry by storm. Learn what to look for when considering a vendor partner.

# 5: What it Takes to Build Your Own Staffing Software

Thinking about building a staffing platform for your agency? Watch this video from our head of engineering first to learn more about what’s involved.

# 4: Your Complete Guide to Staffing Platforms

TimeSaved’s Head of Product examines the landscape that has given rise to staffing platforms, and how agencies can position themselves to take advantage.

# 3: Ebook: Industry Experts on The Future of Staffing

We asked a panel of staffing industry experts about their response to COVID-19 and what they predict will change in the future. 

# 2: How Staffing Platforms Can Increase Your Agency’s Revenue

Our popular case study explores how one client used our technology to increase revenue by 30% in a line of business that had been suffering due to COVID-19. 

# 1: Indeed Enters Staffing With Indeed Flex

Indeed entered staffing with IndeedFlex, and TimeSaved’s top-performing blog and webinar series explore the implications this could have for the industry.

This has been an amazingly transformative year for staffing tech, and we’re so excited to see what’s to come in 2022. Stay tuned for an updated pricing page that includes an ROI calculator, a new vlog series from our very own Brooke Faucher, and more.

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